Best Before Labels
Best Before Labels
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Best Before Labels

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After transfering all your spices or pantry supplies into your beautiful containers, it can be difficult to keep track of when you should use the contents by. This can be solved by using our Herb & Haus Best Before Labels.

When you fill up your jars with fresh ingredients, take note of the Best Before or Use By date on the original packaging and use a pen or pencil to write this date on your label. Stick the label on the back or underside of the container so that you can easily see when to finish the contents by.

These small vinyl labels are easy to remove and replace when you refill your jars again next time. 

If you use a pencil, you can erase the date and write a new date and then you are able to reuse the Best Before Labels.

They come in a plain, minimal style so that the date is clear to read. Each set comes with 50 labels.