Freezer Labels
Freezer Labels
Freezer Labels
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Freezer Labels

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Label your pre-made food or left overs with these cool & crisp Freezer Labels. Carefully designed to have enough space to write the food item and amount, as well as the date it was frozen.

Herb and Haus' labels are perfect for freezer bags and all freezer safe containers. Re-use them by writing on the label with pencil and simply erase your previous words to write on your new food item.

The labels are easily removed and leave no sticky residue behind on your containers or reusable freezer bags. 

Each page contains a set of 24 labels.

Choose Modern Minimal or Victorian Minimal to match your pantry and spice labels.

* Please note, the labels are reusable in that you can erase pencil. However, when you remove them from containers or freezer bags they will become less sticky and not adhere as well the next time. 

* We recommend leaving them on your reusable freezer bags or containers and handwashing them to ensure the labels last longer.